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Decking Your Roof With Holiday Flair

House decorated for holidays

Decorating your roof for the holidays is a wonderful way to express your creativity and family traditions. However, it's important to do it properly. Here are just a few holiday roof decorating tips:

Man adding christmas lights to roof

Safety first: Be sure you have a strong ladder along with all the proper tools and safety gear. If you are not comfortable climbing onto your roof, there may be companies in your local area that specialize in installing outdoor holiday roof decor.

Use lightweight decorations. Heavy decorations can put a strain on your roof and even cause damage. Choose decorations that are made of lightweight materials such as plastic, foam, or fabric.

Santa figure on rooftop

Secure decorations properly. Ensure that all your decorations are securely fastened to your roof. Use strong ropes or wires and make sure that the knots are tight.

Choose decorations that are appropriate for your roof: If you have a metal roof, for example, you'll need to use decorations that are made of appropriate materials. Decorations with sharp edges, such as metal ornaments or decorations with glass or plastic shards, have been known to scratch or puncture a metal roof.

Avoid using decorations that could start a fire: This includes decorations that are made of flammable materials, such as candles or lanterns.

Decorate your roof in a way that won't obstruct your view or block your gutters: You don’t want to create any conditions that may make it difficult for you to maintain your roof the rest of the year.

By following these tips, your holiday roof will be beautifully decorated, safe and festive.

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